Examining Environmental Factors

Much like an episode of House I had an unusual case, I’m not a doctor, but I was following a case I wish I were though. But putting that fact aside, the unusual case was that of a patient, who knowingly suffered from bipolar disorder, he had managed it for years, but suddenly it triggered more easily as of late. The case seemed like things just got worse for the guy and will need to get used to it, along with some prescription drugs, fortunately, another doctor he visited decided to be more thorough. The patient was admitted for observation, and we found that things became more manageable for him; this was without taking the new prescriptions, as ordered by the current physician. It turns out that a neighbor’s house was being treated, and a quick call to the Pest Control Pharr company showed that the chemicals they used were known to trigger some conditions including bipolar disorder. It was no one’s fault as the house seemed to have been connected because of some old structural reason, but the neighbors insisted on paying for a portion of the medical fees, and all was forgiven. It was fortunate for him to have a doctor willing to look into things more thoroughly and check environmental factors just like Dr.House.