Interacting With People – Bipolar POV

bipolar-disorderWhen you or a loved one is suffering from bipolar disorder, it would be best to always be notified and notify of any new interaction with people. While people suffering from this disorder could live completely normal lives with the condition, it would be best to keep away from stressful situations that could trigger and episode. Also it would be in your best interest to notify people about you or your loved one suffering from the condition, allowing both parties to be able to interact knowing the situation, avoiding terrible misunderstanding and the possibility of causing an episode.



By no means am I saying that a person suffering from bipolar disorder is dangerous, it is just best to brief people of the condition and the individual of the event or meeting, to make sure that it is the best time for such a thing to happen. My mother suffers this condition, and I found that it is best for everyone to be brief by the situation.

There was a moment when the girlfriend of my best friend came with us during a visit to my parent’s house, we were handling things in another room forgetting to introduce her to my mother. The stress of meeting a stranger in one’s house caused here to go completely in a defensive position, feeling that an intruder was in her home. This would have not been the case had we notified both parties of the situation, and it seemed as though that my mother was suffering from an episode of that time. We were able to calm mom down when we told her that she was my friend’s girlfriend.

It is cases like these that you need to prepare and notify in advance, it would be nice to be able to be spontaneous every time, but remember that you or a love one is suffering from a condition, and must adjust to it.


Possible Cases

More often than not, when you ask for someone in the home services like pest control inspection, you and the company will not have a schedule that you can meet at your home. In cases like these you will need to notify the one staying at home, especially if he or she suffers from the disorder, about the inspection to ease his or her mind about strangers visiting. At the same time it is in your best interest to notify the company and the inspector of the person’s condition, so that they might be able to understand and prepare for handling the situation. Of course the best way to avoid any trouble is by making time for it, but the person suffering from the condition may benefit from this by being able to practice interacting with individuals on their own.

The interaction with new people will allow the person suffering from the condition to grow and become more used to his or her situation. Allowing them to practice this will help them reintegrate into society, becoming one of the many sufferers of the condition living a completely normal life.