Stress Management and Reduction Tips

Stress affects everyone when we are overwhelmed by the things that we need to accomplish. Work is not the only source of stress, even relationships and simple things in life can cause us stress.

I remember an instance when we were renovating our kitchen. I never expected it to produce so much mess in our house. That is aside from the fact I love staying in our kitchen, and now, it was gone. The mess really stressed me out. I am always hot-headed and not in the proper frame of mind.

A good friend encouraged me to rent a dumpster to keep the debris out of my sight. I looked up the company website of the dumpster service and requested the dumpster delivered.  After the construction, the dumpster and all the mess with it were hauled off. It was like all my stress evaporated, and I was happy to see my new and improved kitchen.

The cause of my stress may be trivial, but it severely affected my mood and energy level. A lot of people experiencing stress need to find a way to release and resolve whatever it is that causes it. Here are some tips that may help you.

Get a breather

It may seem that stepping away from work that is stressing you could be unproductive. But you will realize that taking a short break to rest will definitely ease the tension that you are experiencing. After taking a break, you will have a clearer mind to tackle your work.


Research reveals that exercise not only benefits your physical fitness. It also keeps your mind sharp and relaxed. Try to burn your stress while burning some calories next time.

Laughter is medicine

Smiling and laughing can release some of your stress. A bit of comedy could provide relief. Some matters are serious enough; you do not need to be grave. Smile.


Meditation or prayer can help both your body and mind find peace. It focuses your mind on something positive and makes you see new perspectives. It gives you a moment to reflect, and the stillness would sometimes reveal the solution to your stress.


You do not have to deal with your stress alone. You should talk about your stress with a trusted friend or family member. Stress is like a pressure build-up. If you do not release it, you will explode. Perhaps a friend or family member can help provide a solution to your stress, just like what happened in my case.

These tips will assist you with in dealing with your stress. However, be wary of constant pressure because if can seriously affect your physical and mental well-being. You may experience insomnia, high blood pressure, and weak immune system. It could even progress to heart disease and depression.